I purchased my aromatherapy lotions at the local mall. It’s a really beautiful mall, but I don’t visit very often. The handful of times I’ve been, the mall has never been crowded. During this visit, I was sad to see a few shops boarded up and no longer in business. Makes me wonder how much longer this mall will be around…  Let’s take a tour, shall we? 🙂

There’s a giant balloon in the middle of the mall:

01DSC06069.0 (2)

Because balloons and the Q go together like chocolate and peanut butter. (Hey, that rhymes.)



04DSC01577 (2)

The lighting inside the mall isn’t the best, which is why most of these pictures are in black and white.


I miss bubble gum…

06DSC01579.0 (2)

From the Urban Dictionary:  Bubble Gum. A well-known strain of marijuana. Looks like any old frosty nugs, save it’s smell- which is very sweet w/ a slight hint of lemon and pine. Tastes almost exactly like bubble gum, hence the name. Very strong, also has a nicely balanced high; it’s relaxing but sociable, cerebral but not paranoid, nice body buzz but no couchlock, pretty much just a euphoric, easy high. Usually is pretty expensive but well worth it… Bubble gum is the shit.

07DSC01580.0 (2)

Besides a big balloon (and bubble gum), the mall has cool artwork hanging from the ceilings. (How do they dust the ceiling?)

08DSC01596 (3)


10DSC01596 (2)

Today the merry-go-round was sad and empty…

11DSC01615 (2)

And there weren’t any passengers on the train…


Good thing I know how to look up:

13DSC06077.0 (2)

Some of the figures on the ceiling are upside down:

14DSC06076 (3)

Balloons and the Q.  The Q and balloons. 🙂

15DSC01619 (2)

11 thoughts on “The Mall

    • It is very quiet, although I enjoy hearing the sound of kids talking and laughing. And there are lots of places to just sit and people watch. The kiosks can be a little bothersome, staffed by bored young people who sometimes try to sell you something as you walk by. Yesterday, one guy had what sounded like an accent from the Netherlands, trying to sell me… something, I forget. Poor dude, I wondered how he found his way to our little town. And I didn’t enjoy the overwhelming smell of fried foods surrounding the food court, although I can’t figure out when I stopped liking that smell. 🙂


  1. The Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY lets you walk around at night after the stores close. I used to go there because I have always had a weird fascination with being in large, deserted indoor areas when no one is around. I wouldn’t suggest this for women because there is no security in many of the areas, but there are groups that sometimes go there at night. There is something about being in a museum, mall or large university when there is no one around that fills me with a strange excitement–almost as if I am exploring a previously unknown area that everyone else has yet to discover 🙂

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    • An empty mall sounds sad to me, but if it was a shopping spree, I would love an empty mall. I’m used to the malls in Houston, which are crowded and very loud… the sound of all those people echoing off the walls… and the arcades, which are loud enough to do brain damage. 🙂

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  2. Wow great photos! The Galleria in Houston is huge and crazy! That’s the only one I’ve been to there. I got lost when I was driving away there. Lol. Omg I hated driving in H town. I’m surprised I didn’t have a panic attack.

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