Barbara Ragan, who killed herself on July 5, 2015, by jumping from a Kaiser parking structure, had been for months telling her providers that she she needed help, that she was depressed and at risk of suicide. No one had the time to listen…

8 thoughts on “Thinking of you, Barbara Ragan

  1. So sad to hear about Barbara. Why wasn’t this more widely in the news? If I hadn’t checked back with Andy’s blog recently, I would never have known about it. [I live in Oakland]. While suicide is the worst outcome, it is grimly appropriate that Barbara chose a Kaiser venue for it.

    I am not suicidal, but if I ever am, I will be sure to choose a Kaiser facility for it. I hope Kaiser reads this post and is forced to erect suicide barriers at its facilities. What great PR for KP that would be.

    For my part, I am so fed up and disgusted with the total ineffectiveness and inefficiency of DMHC, the so-called state compliance agency for dealing with KP screw-ups. I have trying to get records and treatment for 15+months from the date of my first complaint to DMHC about multiple Kaisers. I got all my records from one Kaiser, nothing from others. All DMHC has are junior and part-time attorneys that don’t know what they are looking at and don’t seem to understand anything you send them…if they even read it! Although DMHC is supposed to have a health care professional review consumer complaints, DMHC tells me: we don’t have those anymore! This useless waste of taxpayer money should be defunded and overhauled. What a joke DMHC is.

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  2. Thank you for bringing Barbara Ragan’s tragic end to the forefront & letting others know of her struggle to get help. Kaiser failed to help her. I am Kerry Ragan- Guertin, Her daughter. I know how she had bouts of Depression on & off thru the years. But she NEVER had “Suicidal” thoughts at any of those times. Not intill 6 weeks before her death, When Kaiser Hospital Doctors changed her Medication not once, But, 4 Times.!!!! Also increasing the doses. We firmly believe that it WAS the sudden change of meds. & changing them 4 times in such short time period caused the Suicidal mindset in her. All those meds. She was told to take had “Side Effects” listed stateing that they CAN CREATE Suicidal thoughts in people.!!! So, WHY are these Doctors just giving them out without closely monitoring the patients in the beginning of taking these pills??? My Mother had NO monitoring at all. She was prescribed these pills to take all over the phone. She was told she had to wait 6 weeks for them to get her in to actually see a Doctor. “6 WEEKS”, That’s appalling when someone is in that much Mental Anguish. Kaiser dropped the ball & to this day, still won’t admit it. They are all about putting out a ” FALSE” image of themselves. People suffering with Depression & other mental illnesses deserve better. My Mom was making a Statement to Kaiser when she went there to jump. She wants them to know what they did to her. I hope they got the message.

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    • I am very sorry for your tragic loss, Kerry. But please keep in mind that a large percentage of those who suffer from depression think about suicide, whether they tell anyone or not. In fact, because of the shame surrounding these issues, many who suffer from depression keep everything inside and hidden.

      However, it’s very true that antidepressants and other drugs used to treat depression will actually cause suicidal thoughts, even though I’ve read that this usually happens within the first month or so. When I took antidepressants for pain, there were some that actually caused me to be depressed. And getting these prescriptions over the phone should be labeled as malpractice. In fact, it’s a crime to do so for other drugs.

      I wish your mother’s story was plastered over every media channel. Maybe then Kaiser would be held accountable. Unfortunately, all I can do here on my blog is to remember those who have been victimized. I hope you find peace.


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