One-third of guys have negative feelings about their body, according to a survey of 2,068 men in Norway and Sweden that TNS Sifo conducted with Dressmann over the summer and shared with HuffPost. The survey also showed more men are worried about their physical appearance than their financial circumstances or social life…

The TNS Sifo/Dressmann survey results reinforce previous findings from Britain and the United States that show a majority of men have their own body image problems. It’s not just guys feeling fat — there are plenty of men who are self-conscious because they feel too skinny, which the campaign also seeks to address…

Older men, too, can feel left out. An increasing number of aging males have opted to use plastic surgery in recent years to look younger, according to the AARP…

So far, it looks like it’s working: sales went up 30 percent in September compared to the same month a year earlier, a spokesman said…

“We have focused this campaign to be about all kinds of men,” Bonesmo said. “And as a brand for all men, I think it was about time that someone said, relax and be perfect, just the way you are.”

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