Can doctors make chronic pain “go away”?

It’s hard to believe that a pain doctor would suggest that chronic pain can just “go away.” (You know, if you’re proactive, pay for enough treatment, and never give up.) No matter what kind of doctor you see to manage your pain — specialist or not — don’t believe it when they say things like this:

Chances are your pain will subside, but it will likely take time…

The role of a physician pain specialist is also critical. Physicians have access to a “tool box” that allows them to devise an appropriate treatment plan based on your condition and situation. You should keep in mind that the field of pain management is so well developed that there is never “no option”…

And just remember, chronic pain may take a while to go away, but the best chance for long-term success depends on being proactive, responsive and not giving up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Doctors suck. Especially pain doctors, who prey on desperate patients in debilitating pain.

For most chronic pain patients, pain doesn’t subside, it just gets worse as we get older (you know, with time). Not giving up is very expensive, but then it keeps doctors (and Big Pharma) in business. And many patients don’t have access to every option to treat pain because we’re poor and because of the drug war — to suggest otherwise is ignorant, offensive, and wrong. “Never ‘no option'” is just plain horseshit, along with the fact that every option has side effects and can do more harm, leaving patients in even more pain.

Every minute of every day, I live with the fact that my pain will never go away — except in death. All I can do is try to manage the pain (and suicidal thoughts) with ridiculously expensive bud (when I can find it).

Doctors, quit lying to patients and giving them unreasonable expectations and hope about the treatment of chronic pain. This unethical behavior is contributing to the opioid “epidemic.” In other words, it’s killing people.

4 thoughts on “Can doctors make chronic pain “go away”?

  1. My chiropractor said he would have me up and running (jogging) again in no time. Almost 5 years later and I have trouble walking. Hmmm. Bloody waste of money most likely, but would hate to quit and find out it gets worse. Kind of stuck between a wall and a hard place.

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  2. The current model of pain “treatment” is to try and collect as many useless therapies as they can in one basket and make the patient pay for the whole basket to get the few items within the basket that might actually be worth a damn. This is “integrated medicine” or simply “group theft” in English. The most useless item of all has to be the “mind-body” nonsense which insists that if only patients adapt the same attitude of ruthless indifference to their own pain that the medical profession has, they will be able to blissfully ignore it as comfortably as the medical profession does.

    Yes, some people with chronic pain do get better and some even make a full recovery. But that is not the norm, and to pretend it is so is a cruel lie. Much of modern medicine consists of selling people false hope in therapies that are of dubious benefit and questionable safety. The few that work, such as opiates for pain, are a threat to the rice bowls of people who earn their coin from those that don’t work, so they must be eliminated or kept to a minimum. Maybe let the scalpel freaks, shot jockies, drill sergeants and ghost surgeons get their cut before finally letting people get some relief, this way everybody is happy.

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