Kentucky “Pain Care”

Kentucky Pain Care of Lexington was founded on the principles of total patient care and satisfaction. Our goal is to find the root cause of your pain condition and treat you with a holistic approach…

Pain Management Services:
Spinal Cord Stimulation/Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Vertebroplasty Epidural Cortisone Injection Facet Joint Denervation Sympathetic Blockade Sacroiliac Joint Injection Ganglion Blockade Joint Injections Trigger Point Injection Viscoelastic Supplementation Back Braces, Knee Braces, etc. Medical Management
Central and Peripheral Electrodiagnostic Advanced Imaging (MRI/CT scanning)
Neurosurgical Services:
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Microdiscectomy Spinal Cord Stimulation Spinal Stabilization/ Spinal Instrumentation Spinal Decompression Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)
Addictionology Services:
Addiction Testing Counseling Medication Management Team Approach with Psychiatry
Psychiatric Services:
Psychiatric Testing Medication Management Counseling Team Approach with Addictionology Long Term Out patient Management

Lisa B. (10/01/2015)
If I could give this office no stars I would. I waited six months to get an appointment and in July 2 weeks before my appointment they sent me a letter stating that due to unforeseen circumstances they could not see me and reschedule my appointment for October 1st. I went to my appointment today and filled out all the paperwork. Last week I had called to verify my appointment time what time to arrive and if I needed to bring anything with me. After filling out all the paperwork I was told they could not see me because I had been in an automobile accident in 2009 and that they would need insurance papers from the auto insurance stating I had no claims open. They said there was absolutely no way they would ever see me and told me to call my attorney which I did but due to this case being so long ago my paperwork was stored offsite I went back to the front desk and was told very rudely they don’t care. They then took me into another office as I had tears in my eyes and gave me Kleenex and told me to calm down I could not stop crying but I was not loud they then proceeded to take me into another little cubby hole where I was told that I had to stop crying and leave the office immediately. I will never walk back in this office ever again and on top of all this the office in waiting area was filthy dirty.

disgustedpateint (05/07/2013)
Stay far away from this clinic if your in chronic pain Dr Gilbert and his staff has no regard or any sympathy whatsoever for a patients pain status, all he cares about is if your going to church, and treats you like a drug addict with criminal intent . I have never ever been treated this badly by any Doctor. I’ve lived with this chronic pain for over 10 years, had almost every procedure, injections, various treatments including a pain pump implant, and of course pain pills. As of today He took my pain pills away and told me I had to go to church. And you will wait at least 5 hours for the privilege, of seeing this Doctor(GOD) only to get no satisfaction.

growshop (12/30/2012)
Don’t go here!!!!
I have Diabetes Lost part of my left foot!!! Have broken my hip with two hip replacements that have not worked And I live in severe pain every day and there’s doctor told me I did not need pain medication I needed Tylenol

Mar 31, 2008
Addictionology is not a medical specialty recognized by the American Medical Association. Most addictionologists are physicians or others that went to rehab and couldn’t practice in their trained specialty anymore because their reputation was ruined. So they become consultants for rehab facilities or otherwise. The “science” of addiction is very much in it’s infancy, and the methods used are unproven by scientific studies. For instance, the rate of recovery from cigarretes and alcohol over a 5 year period of time is the same for those who go into rehab and those who don’t. Addictionology is a pseudo-specialty based on pseudo- science, populated by health professionals long on sincerity and short on science. Maybe someday we will understand addictions properly.

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