3 thoughts on “I have 420 followers

  1. You were lucky to have more than 13, but I bet life was better when you had 69 🙂 Things were sweet at 16 but did they throw you a quinceanera at 15? 420 if fine but 710 is even better because it makes you want to go to the 711 and load up on carbs. Watch out for 666 especially if he is named Damian, but don’t spend any more time than necessary with 911. 1000 will make you popular with the millenials, but you missed your chance with the elderly at 65. You will finally achieve independence at 1776–or 1789 if you’re French–but the Irish will not welcome you until you hit 100,000.

    Don’t panic when you hit 2012; it’s not like the world is going to end or anything 🙂

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