5 thoughts on “Another bud connection bites the dust

  1. The problem with “non-survival” is that we won’t be around to benefit from the release we anticipate. I’ve come close enough to seriously think this through and found that I was still thinking in terms of “after”, which of course will not exist, and that’s the problem with this “solution”.

    Too bad we can’t put ourselves into suspended animation until a “cure” for pain is found. But pain is such an integral part of our biological system, that it’s proving almost impossible to ferret out exactly how to interrupt only the malignant parts of it without shutting down our whole pain-sensing mechanism.

    Opioids have been the best solution available for thousands of years, but with all focus only on the slim possibility of addiction (<5% for pain patients) these are being denied before any other solutions have been found. That's the problem: they want to take away the only currently effective way to control pain without giving us any other effective solution.

    That's like denying a cancer patient radiation treatments and chemotherapy because they are not perfect solutions and have so many horrible, even deadly, side-effects. Instead, we use these methods, no matter how destructive and damaging they are, because no other effective methods have been found. (yet?)

    I'm glad more pain patients are pointing out that suicide is the only relief from a life of painful torment when our only relief (opioids) is made inaccessible. This fact must be highlighted to help the non-pained folks understand the seriousness of our plight.

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