The practice of religion does not belong in a doctor’s office

Are there adequate alternatives to Planned Parenthood for women’s health services?

Dr. JH
Oct 03, 2015
Pro choice? What about the choice to be a responsible person? Tax-payers should have the choice not to pay for the sexual mistakes (or worse) of others. Women have the choice of using birth control, which is very cheap or (as implemented by obamacare–FREE.

Justin Hamlin, DO
Oct 03, 2015
This evil organization can and should be replaced. This is not a matter for opinions or surveys, but a known FACT. They are the opposite of healthcare.

W.T. “Bill” McKibben
Oct 03, 2015
The obvious answer is no. If there were too many clinics the law of supply and demand would have closed the surplus long ago. But that isn’t the real question is it? The real question is, should those whose religious beliefs oppose abortion and contraception be allowed to impose their beliefs on others? That answer is obvious as well, they have no more right to dictate this bit religious doctrine than those who adhere to Sharia Law have to dictate theirs.

I am mystified that these religious zealots have no problem claiming their beliefs to be the high moral ground while blatantly lying about Planned Parenthood’s funding; let’s call that for what it is, the height of hypocrisy? Not one penny in tax revenue goes to the relativly small segment of their services that includes abortions; there are hosts of private supporters. The tiny number of their clinics that recover fetal tissue for research purposes do so at or below cost. No number of highly edited videos loaded with images unrelated to Planned Parenthood will change that fact. I wonder if those who oppose this practice and claim to be “pro-life” understand that this research saves lives?

Finally, I cannot imagine anything worse than an abortion. Except an unwanted child. Every day these helpless little ones suffer at the hands of those who brought them into this world, those who should protect and care for them. Those unsuited for parenthood. Unwanted children in turn too often become a problem for society; thier minds twisted by the neglect and abuse they suffer growing up. Look into your own souls and leave those dealing with their issues to individuals and organizations -like Planned Parenthood- that will respond with compassion and care. What’s that phrase? “Judge Not”,,,,,,,

Johnna Stahl
Oct 03, 2015
Not only has religion entered our politics, but it threatens our medical care. Planned Parenthood saved my life, just as it has for many other low income women. Now I’m way past the age of worrying about pregnancy, but this issue is more than just about women’s reproductive rights.

If you want to tell women what they’re allowed to do with their own bodies, then become a priest, not a doctor. A doctor is not a judge, she is a provider of health care services. There are plenty of clinics for religious women, but don’t ask all other women to trust medical services that are based on some doctor’s religious beliefs and a fake man in the sky.

Since I’m from Texas, I can verify that there are NOT enough women’s health clinics in that state. This poll obviously does not reflect the reality on the ground.

Are you Catholic? Then I don’t want to pay you to be my doctor. Do you practice at a Catholic hospital? Don’t worry, you’ll never see me. Practice your religion in a tax-free church, not in a doctor’s office or hospital.

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