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margaret of Lake Geneva, WI on May 4, 2015

To my extreme dissatisfaction my Insurance chose Wal-Mart as our prescription provider. I cannot say enough about how unprofessional, unbusinesslike and uncaring Wal-Mart pharmacies are. Yesterday was the last straw! Today I filed a formal complaint with BCBS against WM pharmacies. I suffered a severe fall in 2013 that caused a whiplash and damage to my cervical spine. I have been on and off pain meds ever since. Each time I need to fill a prescription I call WM pharmacy a week in advance. They have failed 85% of the time to even order my medication. Seriously, I fill it every 2 weeks and it is not cheap!

Even though I call a week ahead of time, when I go in to fill my prescription, they do not have the medication in stock! I called a week ahead and again the night before you had to fill prescription. And this is medication you can’t just stop taking because you become severely ill and thanks to wal mart, I have become severely ill, once even requiring hospitalization. But yesterday, after calling twice in advance to make sure they had medication, I went in to have it filled, and for the 28th time, even though they told me they would order it, and told me they had it the night before, when I went in to drop it off, after waiting an hour, I found out, again, they lied to me and did not order the medication!

We missed our grandson’s First Communion because we had to drive 24 miles to another WM to fill prescription. This is an ongoing problem that we never ever had with Walgreens! WM has lost prescriptions, miscounted pills and failed to order medication that I have had to fill biweekly and once monthly for over 2 years. On several occasions, my husband has been forced to take a $250 vacation day to drive over an hour each way to find a WM that has my medication, a widely prescribed pain medicine. But yesterday was the END! I will not tolerate the totally inept service I have been putting up with at the WalMart pharmacies.

I spent an hour on the phone with my insurance company only to learn that I am one of hundreds to file a complaint. And I have spoken to the pharmacists, store managers, pharmacy managers and they just don’t care! What if it was heart medication and I was 75 years old and could not drive an hour each time I had to fill a prescription? I will tell you what would happen, I would have a heart attack and WM would not care. Seriously, this has been happening for 2 years. Well no more WM, because I am taking my business to Target and have already successfully met with them and they are taking my medication needs seriously and WILL order my medication so I don’t have to put up with this anymore! I seriously am considering contacting my attorney!

S of Milwaukee, WI on April 13, 2014

For years we have been using this pharmacy. Very good until lately. 1. Puts my Hubby’s label on my prescription and charge my insurance. 2. I’m calling to check on a refill from doctor, needing approval. Walgreen’s tells me Dr refused and wants to see me. I called Dr. NOT CASE AT ALL! Dr. gave me 2 refills. 3 Steadily filling my prescription at 6 days. Charged my insurance but refuses to give to me! I’m filling to early or stockpiling to possibly sell!! I can understand if these were Oxycodone to contin, but they are not. A 5 mg. Hydrocodone. Gimme a break. Have no history of abuse and for him to suggest I’m stockpiling is ludicrous. I am in constant contact with my Dr. Will be changing pharmacies.

To help fight addiction, state Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette, has proposed a series of bills to help monitor what addictive medications patients are picking up at area pharmacies and being prescribed to ensure they are not fraudulently getting medications.

Nygren has proposed having doctors check patients’ histories in the Wisconsin Prescription Drug Monitoring Program before prescribing Schedule II-V medication, which are prescription drugs that can become addictive and be abused.

However, in part, the Affordable Care Act, known to many as Obamacare, is actually standing in the way of making these bills successful. That is because a portion of hospitals’ Medicare reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction survey scores. One of the questions on the survey pertains directly to pain management and hospitals are scored based on the “percentage of patients who reported that their pain was ‘Always’ well controlled,” according to the government’s official Medicare website…

When you cannot get adequate treatment for pain at a hospital, fight back — fill out these patient satisfaction surveys.

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