Pharmacies not accepting new Suboxone patients

Mon Dec 22, 2014 6:51 pm

I just changed my suboxone doctor and switched to a new doctor closer to home. After I left the doctors office I drove to my pharmacy to fill it and where I have filed all my perscription including from my previous doctor just a month ago and my pharmacy refused to fill it. They told me they were not accepting new patients. What does this mean not accepting new patients? I am an existing patient of Suboxone and they just filled my prescription a month ago so why are they refusing to fill my prescription now? I didn’t really think too much about it so I went to other pharmacies and then called around to others neat my home and no one would fill my prescription because they said they were not accepting new patients of Suboxone. So at this time I have called over 20 places today trying to find someone who will fill my prescription and they have all told me they do not accept new patients. So what am I supposed to do? I just paid $375 today for my new patient monthly fee and now I can’t even find a place to fill my prescription…

Kylie: “there WAS an investigation into Watauga Recovery Center for going over the 100 patient limit. And you really stood behind, “We felt like we couldn’t turn those patients away.’ Anything else you want to say about that now, since at one point you all were seeing over 100 patients yourselves.”

Dr. Reach: “Well, what we did is worked with the DEA and provided them with a plan of action where we were going to get in compliance with the law. That included removing patients from our list that were not compliant with their therapy…

Junior Member

Below is the letter I sent to Wounded Warrior Project and all of my State Senators and Congressman and still no help. I am 100% disabled veteran suffering from Chronic pain, PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. They lied to me and said if I gave up my benzos I could get in their Suboxone/subutex program then denied me again. I asked for my benzos back and was denied them. I have no meds for my PTSD. I will die from complications from this dependence/addiction. The one sub Dr. nearby told me to take my money to the street as he new of no pharmacy that would fill it. I called every one nearby and was told they would not fill it. My Pain Mgt Dr dropped me last month for being 2 pills short. Now i must depend solely on the street. I can not do this.

I am 100% disabled Navy Veteran (PTSD). I have been on Oxycodone for over ten years for chronic pain in my joints prescribed by civilian Drs. About three years ago it became clear to me that it was no longer helping my pain but I had become dependent on it and needed to stop. The Drs. had me on the maximum dose and could go no higher. But I could not function at all with out it. I made several attempts to get help from the Mountain Home VA (30) miles and was turned away and told I was not a candidate for help. One time I went there for help begging for opioid replacement therapy but was put on the psyc ward for seven days suffering from withdrawal then sent home. I was able to stop the Oxycodone by going to a methadone clinic in NC every day which cost me over $900.00 a month. I quit after 3 months as I could not afford it. I once again tried to get the help I needed at Mtn Home by contacting my Congressman but was turned away again. I plan to start at a subutex/suboxone clinic nearby soon. It will cost me $400.00 a month for each visit and also the cost of the medication and it is also very expensive. I have Hep C and I have researched this and found suboxone has a second ingredient that is not good for any one with Hep C so I will have to have subutex. Subutex is in the VA formulary. I guess this is a complaint and a request as I would like to come to the Salem VA (150 miles) to get this help. I was told the last time at the Mtn Home ER that I would never get it at this hospital were their words and told me to go to Salem. It is a shame that I have to spend this kind of money (my VA Compensation check) for the help I need when my local VA could but will not help.

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