Whiny Kolodny Bullies the Senate


FedUP, a coalition of organizations and doctors concerned about the overuse of prescription narcotics, wants the U.S. Senate to release records it obtained 3 years ago as part of an investigation into financial ties between the opioid industry and nonprofit groups that advocated for use of the drugs in treating pain…

Narcotics? Wow, Medpage Today, way to show discrimination in your reporting.

“Recent investigative reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today and ProPublica revealed extensive ties between companies that manufacture and market opioids and nonprofit organizations such as the American Pain Foundation, the American Pain Society, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the Federation of State Medical Boards, the University of Wisconsin Pain and Policy Studies Group, and the Joint Commission,” Grassley and Baucus wrote…

In addition to the pain organizations, the committee also sought records from three leading drug companies: Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, and Endo Pharmaceuticals. It also requested records from the Center for Practical Bioethics, a Kansas City, Mo., organization that has advocated for pain treatment…

You know, the United Nations also advocates for pain treatment. Anyone want to request records from that agency? Seems to me it’s more important to expose the records of those who are working for the drug war, not against it. That means we need to see PFROP’s records, too, Mr. Kolodny.

And who is supposed to fund the groups that advocate for patients? The patients themselves? Certainly not doctors, the medical industry, or the government. Corporations are allowed to fund breast cancer but not chronic pain? Discrimination and hypocrisy, hand-in-hand.

The FedUP coalition said their goal in seeking release of the records is to bring the nation’s opioid epidemic to an end. 

Yes, I’m sure that will do it. Those addicted to drugs have been awaiting the release of these records so they can recover. Please, don’t confuse the political goals of FedUP with those of the “nation.” I assure you, they are quite different.

“This goal will be difficult to achieve if opioid makers, and the groups they fund, continue to promote aggressive and inappropriate prescribing,” the group said. “We urge you to release the findings from the Committee’s investigation of their activities.”

Another goal is to expose the financial connections before new guidelines on the treatment of chronic pain are finalized, said Andrew Kolodny, MD, executive director of the Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing. Kolodny said the CDC is working on the guidelines and he expects that pain groups will oppose them.

“By making the findings of the investigation public and exposing the financial relationships between pain organizations and opioid makers it will be harder for them to claim that it is the interests of pain patients they are lobbying for,” he said.

“By exposing the financial relationships between the government and the addiction industry, it will be harder for them to claim that it is in the public interest they are lobbying for,” said everyone else.

I don’t know what you’re so afraid of, Kolodny. That the right side will win? You know that the CDC is completely on your side (the side of the drug war), so why are you being so whiny?

Some of the groups continue to promote aggressive opioid use and continue to block federal and state interventions that could reduce overprescribing, Michael Carome, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, said in a statement…

Is there a group promoting aggressive opioid use? Where the heck are they? I’d like to meet them. What about the groups funded by the federal government that advocate for the drug war? It’s time to expose who’s funding all sides working against patients, don’t you think?

One thought on “Whiny Kolodny Bullies the Senate

  1. You make excellent points. Kolodny has a stake in the Phoenix House recovery business and they have been getting in trouble over abuse/mistreatment of patients. I hope he gets smeared with some of the poop that’s hitting the fan there.

    He’s one of the few people I really wished would suffer high level pain 24/7 for the rest of his life – and, of course, be denied any opioids at all. He goes so far beyond just misunderstanding pain, all the way to attacking anyone who uses opioid pain relief. Such cruelty I cannot understand.

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