3 thoughts on “Time for another Dose of Truth

  1. Ever since cell phones were introduced, the number of cell phone-related deaths has skyrocketed. Whereas the number of people found dead with cell phones on their persons was once zero, now it is in the thousands, and has become a worldwide epidemic. It is not uncommon nowadays for people who own cell phones to die–even when the phones are not in use–and these deaths cannot be attributed to other things that are strongly correlated with dying such as drinking water or sleeping.

    The CDC has so far refrained from doing studies demonstrating that cellphones are the actual cause of mortality in cell phone-related deaths, but they say when there is such a strong correlation, there can be little doubt about the cause. Just look at opiates.

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    • I think the CDC has determined that a significant portion of cell phone-related deaths have been caused by excessive talking and/or texting, and has asked the American Psychiatric Association to classify both as an addiction. The other cause the CDC is looking at involves investigating how many cell phones had run out of battery life, creating an abrupt cessation of service, and in response, a fatal seizure in the user.


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