Massachusetts city to host ‘Pity Party’ for sad people

The Somerville Arts Council is hosting a Pity Party on Thursday evening in Union Square where over 4,000 are expected to gather to listen to melancholy music, hear depressing poetry, run away from sad clowns, and hold half empty beer glasses.  Those who are too overwhelmed by emotion to get dressed or brush their hair are asked to come as they are since the dress code for the free community block party is pajamas…

The town Pity Party isn’t all sadness’s and games. CBS reports that the local health department will provide information and resources about depression for those who wish to seek help.

The event which begins at 6:00 pm on Thursday will be filled with, ‘sad bands, depressing clowns, melancholy poetry, and video games that you just can’t win.’ There will also be ice cream…

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