How chronic pain patients are created by the medical industry

Statins are tried-and-true moneymakers, but they also come with their own set of safety concerns. Cardiovascular problems linked to the meds are nothing new, and scientists recently highlighted potentially alarming side effects including amnesia and mental decline.

But a pacing of side effects data shows these neurological side effects are not turning up as frequently in postmarketing safety data. And muscle-related side effects, which are commonly linked to the drugs, show up more often in three Merck products than in the rest of the class.

That’s the word from healthcare informatics company Advera Health Analytics. The firm sifted through FDA postmarketing safety reports, and compiled data on side effects for companies producing statin drugs. Advera’s report found that Merck’s Zocor, Mevacor and Vytorin were associated with more muscle-related side effects than other drugs in the class such as Pfizer’s Caduet, AbbVie’s Simcor and AstraZeneca’s blockbuster Crestor.

For example, Zocor had 4275 reports of myalgia, 632 reports of myopathy, and 3552 cases of rhabdomyolysis, a condition commonly linked to statins that involves the breakdown of muscle tissue…

If a drug you’re taking has a side effect of nausea, you’ll get a new pill for that. Do you want to be treated for the side effect of chronic pain? Good luck.

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