What to do when you have no money and no internet access? I tried to find some distraction at my local mall, which really has some beautiful interiors. Instead, I’m met with a very large message funded by the drug war.

I haven’t visited this mall very often, but every time I have, it’s been pretty deserted. It’s a very fancy sign that very few people will see. Better to hire a graffiti artist — the graffiti in this city is certainly more noticeable than this huge sign in the mall.

I also visited the skate park during my internet hiatus, where I found this fairly noticeable sign (graffiti):

0DSC00659 (2)


CDC funding helps states combat prescription drug overdose epidemic

Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the launch of Prescription Drug Overdose: Prevention for States, a new program to help states end the ongoing prescription drug overdose epidemic…

Through a competitive application process, CDC selected 16 states to receive funds through the program: Arizona, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin…

In FY2015, CDC is committing $20 million to launch this program in 16 states. Over the next four years, CDC plans to give the states annual awards between $750,000 and $1 million each year, subject to the availability of funds, to advance prevention, including in these areas:

-Enhancing prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs).
-Putting prevention into action in communities nationwide and encouraging education of providers and patients about the risk of prescription drug overdose.
Working with health systems, insurers, and professional providers to help them make informed decisions about prescribing pain medication.
-Responding to new and emerging drug overdose issues through innovative projects, including developing new surveillance systems or communications campaigns.
-States can also use the funding to:
–Better understand and respond to the increase in heroin overdose deaths.
–Investigate the connection between prescription opioid abuse and heroin use.

Well, this “new” program is just more of the same. Nothing new here. No help for pain or mental health patients. No help to stop the increase in suicides. In fact, no mention of suicide at all. The funds are only to further the drug war (like this sign in the mall). It’s sad, but what I’ve come to expect from the CDC.

The federal government keeps funding programs that don’t work, and the states don’t care if they work or not — they just want the money.

0DSC01606 (2).0

(Photos taken 9/13/2015.)

6 thoughts on “Brought To You By Your Tax Dollars

  1. I kind of liked that last pic: cigarettes are more deadly than heroin

    So why aren’t we fighting the “cigarette epidemic” and the “cigarette crisis” by throwing dealers who sell too many to jail?

    Why aren’t we shoving cigarette addicts into recovery programs to “save their lives”?

    The priorities of the failed but never ending drug war are completely irrational, illogical, and just plain stupid.

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    • You probably don’t keep up with the war against cigarette smokers, but I believe insurance companies are the corporations providing “recovery” programs for smokers in company wellness programs. And if you can’t quit, you’re fired. Since cigarettes (not plain nicotine) are one of the hardest addictions to kick, Payne can rest assured that smokers are looked down on a lot worse than pain patients and those who are overweight. Even looked down on more than the homeless.

      I assume that sometime in the future, Medicare will adopt a similar stance against smokers. I guess I’ll be in that class of people who lose insurance coverage and nobody will care one way or another. Doesn’t matter, I’m not using it for anything anyway.


      • I’m not sure smokers are as demonized as much as we are. Corporate wellness programs are inevitably authoritarian, but you don’t have to tell them you smoke. Unless they are doing urinalysis for nicotine how will they know? If they find oxy metabolites or THC in your urine, you may face criminal charges as well as lose your job.

        Society as a whole has rejected the prohibitionist approach and opted for education with smokers instead. The results are positive with over 50 percent of previous smokers having quit even though cigarettes are widely available. Nicotine gum and other aids to quitting are available over the counter. Fewer than 5 percent of opiate addicts ever quit even though the drugs are insanely overpriced and sometimes hard to come by. I firmly believe prohibition makes it harder for addicts to quit due to the unbearable stress it creates in their lives. Will we ever see methadone gum or a suboxone patch over the counter?

        Of course, the medical establishment is pushing policies of charging smokers or the overweight more for insurance or denying them coverage outright, but they were always a bunch of moralizing fascists so nothing new there. We just need to learn as a society to start repudiating their bullshit more, lest the War on Twinkies become more than a twinkle in my eye 😉

        I’m surprised they haven’t figured out how to make food prescription only yet. Give them time…

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  2. Alcohol, tobacco and sugar each kill more Americans every year than “prescription painkillers” with a lot more solid evidence to support the death counts. Yet you can buy all three in your local quickie mart. White bread has a higher glycemic index than table sugar yet we serve it along with sugary drinks to kids at school despite the fact that diabetes really is an “epidemic” in the US and it is estimated that 25 percent of kids will have diabetes by the time they reach 18.

    When is the War on Twinkies going to start? I can’t wait to look down my nose at all those food-seeking scumbags out there with their Wonder bread and bon bons.

    BTW welcome back from your internet exile. I hear it’s cold in Cyberia 😉

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    • Maybe I should take this time to admit that I’ve made about a dozen of these memes, including one on caffeine and sugar. By the time I get through posting them all, you’ll be quite sick of them, I assure you.

      Actually, you heard wrong about the weather in Cyberia. It’s actually very hot. Sweating hot. Awaiting the first cold spell is sapping a lot of my patience, which is hard to find in Cyberia anyway. The trees are starting to look dry and sad, and the honeysuckle is hard to find. And there’s no Tetris in Cyberia… because it’s just too damn hot. 😀


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