Doctors Are Prescribing Powerful Antipsychotics to Many People With No Mental Illness

Large numbers of people with learning disabilities and no record of severe mental illness are being prescribed strong psychotropic drugs, possibly as a means of subduing and controlling uncooperative patients, research shows.

Researchers at the University College London (UCL) found that of 9,135 people who have intellectual disabilities and are treated with antipsychotic drugs, 71 percent—about 6,503 people—did not have a record of severe mental illness…

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beaglebailey • 2 days ago
I’m in a pain clinic and my doctor thought I was depressed so he had me see the shrink. If you don’t comply, they can kick you out of the clinic.  I saw the shrink for less than 15 minutes and instead of prescribing an anti depressants, he prescribed an anti psychotic instead. A 15 minute interview and that’s the drug he came up with? And of course it had just hit the market so I’m sure he was getting a kickback.

How many people are aware that all the people who did mass shootings were on some type of antidepressants med?  The side effects of the drugs are often worse than the illnesses

rosemariejackowski • a day ago
This problem is increasing very fast because the government is keeping lists of doctors and patients who are prescribed pain meds. Pain meds and opiates are usually much safer than the other class of drugs. Anti psychotic meds should NOT be used for pain control. Opiates are safer.

Please read the article I link to and TAKE ACTION… call your representatives…write letters to the editor…get involved…someone you love may die because of this. The government has destroyed the doctor/patient relationship and created a conflict of interest for doctors. PLEASE GET INVOLVED.

Rosemarie Jackowski is an advocacy journalist living in Vermont…

friendnotfoe to beaglebailey • a day ago
My family doctor wanted me to see a dermatologist to check to see if there was any moles that needed to be checked. I only have one mole but I went to the dermatologist. He didn’t check anything but says if I have nights of trouble sleeping he is recommending a anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication be given. All I said when asked is sometimes I may have a night of trouble sleeping. I swear they must get kick backs for recommending drugs. What dermatologist doesn’t check the skin isn’t that what he is suppose to do I told him my family doctor recommended I go there for that reason. Now when I see her she is going to see his recommendation and feel she must prescribe these drugs.

Bella_Fantasia • a day ago
It seems there is plenty of evidence that children and the elderly are being medicated beyond what is appropriate or necessary. This also is happening in the military. If you’ve never seen “The Wounded Platoon” it is worth the time. These young men are being given seriously strong, conflicting and apparently damaging drug concoctions just to keep them “functioning” in what is called combat, if one can call behaving like raging, raving maniacs functioning. I’d never seen such disturbing, deranged behavior in my life. While some had problems before joining the military, I’m quite sure they didn’t enter the military with that behavior. It is really is no wonder veterans today come home in such terrible shape.

“Before the Iraq war, American soldiers in combat zones did not take psychiatric medications, but by the time of the surge more than 20,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq were taking antidepressants and sleeping pills.”

“I was having a total mental breakdown. Every day we were getting in battles and never having a break. It seemed like, it was just crazy,” he says. “They put me on all kinds of meds, and I was still going out on  missions. They had me on Ambien, Remeron, Lexapro, Celexa, all kind of different stuff.”

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