A Pained Life: When There is No Cure



Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a good example. Although theories abound as to the cause of TN, even the most long lived school of thought; that a blood vessel is pressing against the nerve, is not accepted by many in the neurosurgical community.

Some patients are helped by surgery, but a large portion do not and get little or no relief. In addition, many develop phantom pain — called Anesthesia Dolorosa — which is truly awful and life destroying in its own way…

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Raz A month ago

Kudos for you Carol, dealing with TN is heartbreaking. Ive had it for 17 years, had all the treatments available, even went to Pittsburg to the guru who found that a mvd could possible help TN. Ya know what? Ive got it still, and at times is unbearable. Was on opiate/opioids for 14 years, which admittedly help, but the cost? Until the change in scheduling I had little problem getting my meds; But after one drs visit, and knowing my meds were going to be titrated down, had my one and only panic attack right in his office! Ya well, he asked why my bp so high and what accounted for the state I was in? I blatantly told him YOU!. Needless to say he fired me next day, ANd wrote I was a drug seeker in my charts for all future drs to see, along with broke my contract? Huh? Sooo. now after withdrawals that almost killed me, I am here 14 months later in pain and blacklisted. Who knew? …

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