Are you updating to Windows 10?

Slate almost immediately dubbed Windows 10 a “privacy nightmare,” because “By default, Windows 10 gives itself the right to pass loads of your data to Microsoft’s servers, use your bandwidth for Microsoft’s own purposes, and profile your Windows usage.” …

I haven’t updated to Windows 10, even though I continually get a pop-up inviting me to do so. Since the daily updates on Windows 8 are driving me crazy, I haven’t wanted to subject myself to potential updates every hour with Windows 10.

It appears Microsoft has an answer for that, as the article indicates, automatically updating my Windows 8 with Windows 10 features.  Perhaps Microsoft wouldn’t be so scary if they weren’t involved with helping the federal government spy on people.

And Microsoft can use my bandwith?  WTF?

3 thoughts on “Are you updating to Windows 10?

  1. nah, I’m leaving my Dell desktop on Windows 7. Actually, I’m waiting for it to die so I can replace it with a new Mac. but I think the Dell knows what my intentions are and it refuses to die.

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    • My first home computer was a Dell. Lasted something like 7 years. It came with free AOL dial-up for six months. Those were the days…

      I dream of owning a Mac (or even an iPhone), but that doesn’t seem likely. Unless Donald Trump decides to give out free Macs to anyone who’ll vote for him…

      Notice to all political candidates: My vote is for sale — but it ain’t cheap. 🙂

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