Contrary to christian scripture, Spanking is Abuse

We wouldn’t smack another adult for misbehaving or making a mistake, hitting out at children is an extreme abuse of power and this is not okay.

2. NOT a Woman’s Physical make-up: Clearly God did not design women, as a whole and in general, with this purpose in mind, clearly it was a role that God gave men, so why are women taking it from them? Why are women going against God’s obvious intent? If it is wrong for a man to hit a woman because he is stronger, then what about a woman who is a cop?

Isn’t jealousy a sin, Mr. Daniel Mason (@masondan84)? Do you think having a mostly (or all) male police force is a good thing for this country? Read any news on the drug war lately?

And if it’s wrong for a man to hit a woman, why isn’t it also wrong for adults to hit children? I’ve always wondered how it feels to be a hypocrite — Mr. Mason, perhaps you can enlighten us? Is it like wearing a mask? Pretending you’re an actor on a stage?

Say, Mr. Mason, will we find your email address in the Ashley Madison hack?

I met my future husband while I was at this stage of my life. He helped me see where I had gone wrong… My husband and I decided that there would be no preventative measures in having children. If the Lord sees fit to bless us with children we will gladly receive it. The reasons I originally wanted to use birth control were purely selfish…

Dude, you post a lot of offensive stuff on your blog, like this “fictional” story. I feel sorry for every woman you come into contact with, especially your family members. Maybe your god can help free them.

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