What should you do with your old electronics?


There are three things people should, at least, attempt to do with their old electronics: Donate them, get them refurbished or recycle them.

The goal of doing any of these things is to minimize the amount of electronics that are thrown away. Because those devices contain harmful chemicals, like lead, mercury, cadmium and even arsenic. And disposing of them inappropriately means the chemicals can get into the earth’s groundwater supply and even the air — eventually we’re going to drink that and breath that…

Electronics stores like Best Buy and Staples have programs that will recycle your old electronics at no cost. Sites like Ebay and Amazon will pay you for your slightly outdated phones. And even churches and schools will occasionally have e-waste drives where they collect what you no longer want…

When my toaster oven died, I left it on a shelf for over a year because I didn’t know how to recycle it. Finally, I just threw it away. When I bought my laptop, I recycled my old computer through Best Buy. I wonder if Best Buy also accepts digital cameras for recycling?

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