Chris Christie Ties Heroin Epidemic To Obama

In a newly released campaign ad, Christie rattles off a list of criminal elements that have had free reign during the Obama administration. Near the top of the list, Christie references the spike in opioid drug use…

The heroin epidemic actually began nearly two decades before Obama took office. It started with the spread of OxyContin and Percocet addictions. “Pill mills” helped spur these painkiller addictions in Florida, Kentucky and West Virginia. But during the Obama administration, a crackdown on the mills helped spur a resurgence in heroin use.

In a Huffington Post investigation published in January, federal and state officials admitted that they knew such a crackdown would lead to a heroin problem.

“We always were concerned about heroin,” said Kevin Sabet, a former senior drug policy official for Obama who also worked under the Bush administration. “We were always cognizant of the push-down, pop-up problem. But we weren’t about to let these pill mills flourish in the name of worrying about something that hadn’t happened yet…

Christie elaborated on the ad Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“This president has set a standard in Washington of lawlessness,” he said. “What I mean by that is this: If you don’t like the law, don’t enforce it…  If you don’t like the marijuana laws, don’t enforce the marijuana laws in certain states if they don’t feel like enforcing them.”

So, Mr. Christie, you don’t believe in state’s rights? Not very Republican of you.

One thought on “Chris Christie Ties Heroin Epidemic To Obama

  1. The overall rate of opiate addiction in the US is the same now as it was in the 1900s when opiates were available over the counter in groceries, roughly .6 of one percent. Worldwide the percentage of people addicted to opiates is almost always below one percent, with a few exceptions. If there is really an “epidemic” that previously didn’t exist then it is rather odd to see the overall percentage of people with addictions remain stable within the same country let lone be relatively similar across nations.

    Heroin and the alleged “epidemic” of its misuse have been a staple of drug war propaganda from day one of prohibition.

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