Are your scented fragrance products too weak? Do they only last for a week? You won’t have either of those problems with Fresh Scents sachets.

I know, I sound like a commercial, but this is a great product. 🙂

The company is based in North Carolina and only sells this one product — sachets — in 50 different scents. My favorites are Cotton, Tuscan Grape, and Ocean Life, but I haven’t tried them all. I also love the designs on the package — so colorful and decorative.

But the best thing about this product is how long the scent lasts, depending on where you place it. If it’s in an enclosed space, like a storage container with a lid, the scent can last for years. In an open space, it doesn’t last as long, and you need more than one for the scent to be strong enough. At $2.50 a piece, it’s a great product for a great price.

Legal Notice:  This is not a paid endorsement. I am a bona fide customer of Fresh Scents and that defines the extent of my relationship with this company. (However, if Fresh Scents wants to send me free gifts because they think I’m a nice person, I would humbly accept.)

Warning:  Please don’t scratch and sniff the featured image. That technology doesn’t exist yet. (But what if you could use a 3-D printer to create a scent?)

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