Mental Health Awareness Patch

Earlier today I came across an interesting article from the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) which you can find by clicking here. The new scheme put into place by IBPF allows young girls across America to earn a Mental Health Awareness Patch as apart of their Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and Heritage Girls training…

So wouldn’t it be great if we could now incorporate mental health into the training these young girls receieve? The IBPF lists the following aims for the new Mental Health Awareness Patch distributed across America:

-Learn how the brain impacts mental health

-Explore how discrimination against those with a mental health condition makes it difficult to seek help

-Learn about many great achievers who experienced mental illness

-Research how mental health is portrayed in the media

-Create anti-stigma campaign activities

This training wouldn’t just enable these young girls to grow up into understanding and well-rounded women, but would also encourage them in later life to get the help they may need, with less fear and stigma attached to the idea of mental illness…

This is a fabulous idea. I remember earning patches in Brownies and Girl Scouts, along with earning them in school for physical fitness:

DSC09278 (2)

Isn’t it pretty? I don’t know why I still have this patch, except the blue color is so stunning. 🙂

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