Psilocybin May Help Treat Alcoholism, According to New Study

According to a new study published in Psychopharmacology, psilocybin may be useful in treating alcohol dependence. The research was conducted at the University of New Mexico by a research team including lead author Dr. Michael Bogenschutz, and Dr. Rick Strassman. Yes, that Rick Strassman — the one who performed pioneering DMT research in the 1990s and authored DMT: The Spirit Molecule…

Psilocybin’s early promise in treating alcohol dependence isn’t altogether surprising. Recent studies conducted by Matthew Johnson at Johns Hopkins University have already showed psilocybin to be effective in combating another hugely addictive substance: tobacco. Johnson’s study, also published in Psychopharmacology, showed incredible results in helping people quit smoking. “The rates of quitting were so high, twice as high as what you typically see with the gold standard medication,” he told Bloomberg.

With the best current smoking cessation drug, varenicline, only 35 percent of people are still tobacco-free after six months. Other treatments, such as nicotine patches or chewing gum, fare even worse. With psilocybin, the six-month success rate is an astounding 80%…

The limitations of these small, preliminary studies should be noted. Both the alcohol and tobacco addiction studies had small sample sizes, and lacked control groups and double-blind methodology. A larger, more robust study design would substantially improve the scientific validity of the findings…

2 thoughts on “Psilocybin May Help Treat Alcoholism, According to New Study

    • You don’t get to trip forever. Just once or twice. I doubt it works for everyone, but it seems more like a cure than ongoing treatment. I don’t know if I would try it, especially for chronic pain. But to basically cure an addiction? Like smoking? Something to think about.


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