Kroger and NarxCheck

Appriss Inc., a leading technology provider for risk assessment and analytics in public safety and healthcare, announced that The Kroger Co. has introduced NARxCHECK™ into over 200 stores in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arizona in an effort to improve patient safety and combat prescription drug abuse…

The program provides three key components for prescribers and dispensers: a patient score, an interactive graph depicting the usage pattern of drugs, and detailed analytics about controlled substance prescriptions filled by the patient. The NARxCHECK™ algorithm assesses a patient’s controlled substance history from state prescription monitoring programs, computes a score and highlights potential issues with overuse or abuse of narcotics, sedatives and stimulants.

The NARxCHECK™ system assigns a numerical score that is derived by analyzing the patient’s prescription patterns…

Lower scores improve doctors’ and pharmacists’ confidence that the patient may not have any controlled substance usage concerns. More elevated scores cue the doctors and pharmacists to carefully consider the patient’s controlled substance usage…

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