Can a Tolerance Break Rejuvenate the Effects of Cannabis?

Regular cannabis consumers have been known to experience fluctuations in their tolerance to marijuana over time. Despite rotating strains or trying new consumption methods, some consumers report that the expected effects from cannabis seem to dissipate or feel muted after repeated use. To combat these diminishing effects over time, some consumers opt to take “tolerance breaks” in order to refresh how their bodies and minds react to cannabis…

5 thoughts on “Can a Tolerance Break Rejuvenate the Effects of Cannabis?

    • I’m not sure you can say the same for drugs like hydrocodone or Oxy. When I took opioid breaks, I don’t remember being able to rejuvenate my tolerance. I think I could say the same for Xanax and Valium. Don’t know about antidepressants. What do you think?

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      • Valium, or the knock-offs, yes. A break will help. I think it actually helps with ANY pain relief. Truth is, I’ve thought it’s all my perception at times, too. When first on a pain medication, I’m very aware of all the pain I no longer feel. Over time, I begin to focus on the small pains that still do exist. And I think that by focusing on them, I make them seem and feel bigger than they are. By taking a break, I reintroduce my body to the REAL pain. I remind myself where I’d be every day if I didn’t pop those pills. And then, when I go back on them, the relief I feel is doubled.

        I’d NEVER recommend a break from anti-depressants. What I know about most is that they’re cumulative; patients sometimes don’t feel the effects for a few weeks. So stopping at any time is dangerous.

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  1. To clarify though, I have to say that I portion my smoking throughout the day. I have so much $ to spend monthly and I don’t smoke constantly, like where the room’s a cloud! I have to watch out for my animals with the second hand smoke.

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