Meet Dale, The Snail

Dale says, it’s hard being a snail

00DSC03854 (2).0

Always carting around this heavy shell

01DSC01541 (3)

Like a tiny prisoner forever in jail

03DSC03850 (2).0

Everyday effort that makes you pale

04DSC03849 (4).0

Blades of grass feel free to impale

05DSC03853 (2).0

Makes it hard sometimes just to inhale

06DSC02356 (3).0

The frail life and travails of a snail

07DSC03849 (2).0

Just another unhappy tale

08DSC03846 (2).0

While it is not hard to catch a snail and paint on it, there is some skill to getting detail onto their shells. All these works of art are totally real and done using non-toxic paint so it is harmless for the snails. And some are painted for a very good reason indeed…

These from the hashtag “#savethesnails” are made by various people who want to try to save snails in their gardens and local parks from being eaten. Birds will often give these brightly coloured snails a very wide birth…

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