Facebook posts CAN be used to prosecute benefit cheats in New York test case


Facebook has been told it must comply with almost 400 search warrants seeking users’ postings as part of a fraud investigation, a New York appeals court said on Tuesday. The 381 warrants helped build a massive disabilities benefits fraud case against police and fire department retirees. So far 108 people have pleaded guilty. Some defendants disclosed on Facebook that they flew helicopters, traveled overseas, did martial arts and led active, full lives…

‘Our holding today does not mean that we do not appreciate Facebook’s concerns about the scope of the bulk warrants issued here or about the district attorney’s alleged right to indefinitely retain the seized accounts of the uncharged Facebook users,’ the five-judge panel wrote…

A Manhattan judge sanctioned the warrants in July 2013, saying law enforcement has authority to search massive amounts of material to seek evidence…

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