The Doctor Is In

Dear Dr. P:  I have too much anxiety. Won’t you take out your pad and prescribe for me? Sammy in Jersey City

Dear Sammy in Jersey City:

Sure, I love giving out free advice, especially to poets.  It makes all those years in medical school worth it (not to mention that my schooling was not free and I’m still paying for it).

Anxiety is a part of our genetic make-up and so it’s a common issue. Kids, adults, dogs, cats, and birds — we all have anxiety. And everyone suffers from too much anxiety at some point in time.

Are you familiar with Mary Poppins?  She had some good advice back in the day — that a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down.  And experts have found this to be true — sugar helps the medicine of life taste just a little bit sweeter.

Dr. P advises you to first, make the cookies and maple cinnamon glaze icing found at this link:

But you need to fool yourself into making a double batch of the icing…  Oh no, you have too much, what to do?  Dr. P to the rescue:  Store the leftover icing in a glass jar in the refrigerator. The next time you feel anxious, sad, irritated, angry, or just plain bored, take a small spoon, grab the jar of icing, and measure out one heaping spoonful.

Let the cold icing melt in your mouth.  Taste the maple, cinnamon, and butter flavors — just like french toast, but with brown sugar too.  Now, take a deep breath and allow all those flavors to penetrate your senses.

You are now cured.  (You’re welcome.)

Warning:  Dr. P is not a real doctor.  But following in the famous footsteps of Dr. House on TV, Dr. P plays a doctor on the internet.

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