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Cousin Itt is a fictional character in the Addams Family series… Itt Addams is the cousin of Gomez Addams. He is a short being whose entire body is shrouded by long hair. When Gomez asks Cousin Itt what is underneath all the hair, Cousin Itt replies, “Roots” (“The Winning of Morticia Addams”)… He usually wears sunglasses, a derby hat, and gloves. He speaks in a high-pitched (with a slight British accent) gibberish language which the other members of the family can understand though it is incomprehensible to anyone else…  Itt is often celebrated by the family as being “full of talent” in areas such as acting, singing, and marriage counseling… He is also known to have an extremely high IQ of over 300…

Although known to spend time in the chimney, through which he enters and exits the house by sliding down and usually emerging in chimney smut, Itt has his own room in the mansion, furnished in proportion to his size and with a low ceiling. He is depicted as a carefree bachelor with an extravagant lifestyle and is renowned among the Addamses for his many female companions…

Everyone Loves A Hula Dancer

00DSC01282 (2)

Hula found to be a promising cardiac rehabilitation therapy

I imagine hula is also good for decreasing stress and anxiety.  And it looks like a lot more fun than yoga.  Plus, you could probably hula to Adam Levine:

One thought on “Cousin Itt Does The Hula

  1. Hula is also beautiful and sensual. When I lived in Hawaii there were Hula competitions at Kamehameha High School. I did not realize the power of the Hula until I saw it performed as it was before the arrival of Cook by locals. Great post–I didn’t know Cousin Itt had his own room.

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