The teenager’s killer remains on the loose. A $4,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information on Chavez-Silver’s killer, according to a Facebook remembrance page for the teen. Anyone with information is urged to call 505-242-COPS.

We remember Jaydon Chavez-Silver
July 6 at 8:03am 
I wanted to share 2 stories that strangers have told me about Jaydon that made me smile.
A woman wrote a note to me that 3 weeks ago she lost her dog at Smiths and was very upset. Jaydon walked up to her (not knowing who she was) and said “ma’am are you okay, is there anything I can do”? She told him that she couldn’t find her dog. He said “don’t worry, I’ll go find her for you, stay right here”. He went and found her dog then went on with his day. She saw his picture on the news and felt compelled to come to the mortuary to tell the story. He never said a word to me about that day. Always so helpful, even with strangers.

Another woman messaged me to let me know that she had a special needs son at Manzano and that Jaydon was one of the few boys at school that made sure he did not get bullied and no one bothered him. Again, he never mentioned a word to me about that either. These stories make me so very proud of him and make me smile through the tears.


(Photo taken 6/5/2015.)

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