Does Eating Pot Make You Higher Than Smoking It?

Eating pot results in a more intense and longer lasting high, though it doesn’t necessarily make you any higher. “I don’t know if I’d say it’s more intoxicating,” Mark A. Ware, director of clinical research at Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, McGill University Health Centre, told The Daily Beast. “It’s just different.”

One of the main reasons for the difference? Edible marijuana passes through the liver before it enters the bloodstream — whereas smoked or vaporized marijuana goes straight to the lungs — and that process, dubbed the metabolic first-pass effect, can compound the psychoactive properties in the plant.

It also takes more time for the drug to weave its way through the liver, which means it takes longer to get high. People often ingest more of it while they sit around waiting to feel stoned…

It can also be challenging to know exactly how many psychoactive compounds are in one serving. Colorado has set 10 milligrams as the standard dose per serving, with 100 mg maximum per food item. But the potency of different strains can vary. And clinical pharmacologist Kari Franson, a professor at the University of Colorado, told Forbes that she is “still skeptical” about attempts to standardize the amount in products…

2 thoughts on “Does Eating Pot Make You Higher Than Smoking It?

  1. Yes, very different highs. And you’re right Elle: I get the munchies much worse after eating marijuana than I do smoking it. One thing this doesn’t mention is that you don’t get 100% from the drug when smoking it (some just burns away, some doesn’t get absorbed by your lungs), but you do get 100% when eating it. Also, you’re not leaving a bunch of carbon in your lungs, a defo benefit!

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