Which is more dangerous?

Which carries more risk?  Taking drugs or mountain biking?


Keeping his cool in a sticky situation, an otherwise healthy, and seriously lucky, 40-year-old man drove himself to the hospital with a tree branch piercing out of the side of his neck after taking a nasty fall from his mountain bike during an off-road excursion.

“With a branch in his neck, he jumped back on the bicycle, rode the bicycle to his car, and then drove the car to the hospital,” which was about 20 miles from the accident, Lev Deriy, MD, of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, in Albuquerque…

A stick lodged that far inside a person’s neck could have easily caused vascular, airway, nerve, and cervical spine injuries, the authors wrote, but this patient miraculously came out with nothing more than a small flesh wound. And kudos to the patient for not yanking the stick out on his own…

At the hospital, the surgeons removed the stick, explored for vascular and airway injuries, irrigated the wound and stitched it up. The patient’s postop was uneventful, and he “will definitely mountain bike again,” Deriy added.

And why not? After this, he should be used to staying calm when the stakes are high.

4 thoughts on “Which is more dangerous?

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it was truly interesting medical story. I enjoyed getting to see the CT scan of the sticks penetration and the miraculously simple injury that could have been deadly or disabling.
    Also it is like winning the medical lottery to have such a potentially dangerous injury that turned out to be just a flesh wound in my opinion PainKills2.

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