A little bit of fun :)


Ritu said:  Oh yes, another day, another silly quiz! Thus time to find a 5 letter word that describes you…  (Go to her site for the link to the quiz.)

Unfortunately, there were only three choices for each question, and a few times, I wouldn’t have chosen any of them.  Here are my results:

The word that describes you perfectly is:  Smart
You just love learning more about the world around you and whether it’s a new book, a cool documentary or just people-watching at your favorite café, you can’t help but find everything fascinating. Sure, this might mean that you’ve not got a great deal of common sense and people often make fun of your forgetful and clumsy ways, but you hold all the answers – so when they need a quiz team, you’re the first one they call.

I take offense at a 10-question internet test telling me that I don’t have a great deal of common sense.  I have lots and lots of common sense.  Shows you what the internet knows. 🙂

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