Welfare recipient drug testing brings shocking results


Three years after the program was initiated in Arizona, over 87,000 welfare recipients have been tested: One test came up as positive which ended up saving the state only $560, according to USA Today. When the program was initially implemented, state officials promised $1.7 million in savings.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security told the Arizona Sonora News Service earlier this year that over the course of more than five years, “42 people have been asked to take a follow-up drug test and 19 actually took the test, 16 of whom passed. The other 23 were stripped of their benefits for failing to take the drug test.”  In total, three welfare recipients failed their tests in five years. 

Six states have implemented similar programs since 2009.

12 thoughts on “Welfare recipient drug testing brings shocking results

    • Sometimes it’s hard to trust statistics, mostly because the people who do the research tend to have a hidden agenda. For instance, the DEA loves to put out statistics that are purposely meant to frighten people. And Big Pharma puts out statistics for the purpose of selling their drugs.

      Government agencies are not free of political agendas, but the agency that put out these statistics looks fairly benign:


      One person’s reality doesn’t always fit with what’s happening in the rest of the population. Out of almost 320 million people in the U.S., 2.9% received public assistance in 2011 and 2012. That’s a national average, but in some states, it’s as high as 6.1% (Alaska).

      Click to access acsbr13-13.pdf

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      • Very good point. Where I come from, I know people who were smoking weed and what not while on assistance. I don’t think it’s right. If you have to drug test for a job, you can test for that. I guess I just think that, if I know a handful of people on assistance who do drugs of some sort, that statistic cannot be right. lol! It just seems out of sync. But…Lord knows I’m not the final word on anything. It just seems off.


        • Just because someone is smoking weed doesn’t mean it’s purely for recreational purposes. People on welfare deserve to have access to the same drugs as everybody else. Being poor doesn’t mean being undeserving.

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        • Medical weed isn’t legal in Texas, so that’s not an issue. And please don’t tell me what is right or wrong for the poor. I grew up poor because every dime went to the bar and not to the house. I get it. Maybe the people I know aren’t the same altruistic poor that you know. It doesn’t matter, either way. If people have to test for work, they should have to for welfare.


        • Just because you grew up poor doesn’t mean you now get to decide what’s right and wrong for poor folks. Altruistic or not, poor people are still people. And since I believe it’s wrong to drug test patients just because they suffer from chronic pain, I also think it’s wrong to drug test poor folks just because they’re poor. Or don’t you believe that we’re all innocent until proven guilty?

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        • Testing chronic pain patients and welfare recipients are two different things.
          And I don’t think you have the answers, either.


        • Testing chronic pain patients and welfare recipients are two different things.
          And I don’t think you have the answers, either. Do you think you should get to decide what’s right for the poor?


        • When you are forced to take a drug test, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. You are being accused of illegal behavior even when there’s no basis for the accusation. Suffering from chronic pain doesn’t automatically make you guilty of abusing drugs. It’s the same if you suffer from poverty.

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  1. I am shocked that people on $500 a month in welfare benefits can’t afford a $5,000 a month Oxy addiction. Shocked! I though they all made gazoodles of money selling Oxies to each other?

    You mean, drug war propaganda is a lie? My world just collapsed.

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