What It’s Like To Be The Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Makeup


When I stopped wearing daily makeup, I stopped feeling like I was wearing a mask. I show the real me to the world every day, with the knowledge that they see me the same way I see me. And you know what? Almost no one noticed, and absolutely no one complained…

Many people use makeup to “cover” or “fix” things they see as physical flaws. When you don’t wear makeup every day, it’s a big step toward making peace with yourself, and celebrating the beautiful characteristics that have been there all along. Sure, it made me feel vulnerable at first, but eventually I realized that any judgment or shame was actually coming from me, and not from others…

4 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be The Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Makeup

  1. Ooo! Thanks for this. I still vacillate on the makeup thing. Usually I don’t wear any. And that does make me feel vulnerable. But I have YET to meet anyone who likes to kiss someone with makeup on…

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    • I would probably wear a little make-up if I could afford it. Make-up can be good protection against the sun. And feeling good about the way you look can obviously give you a more positive outlook — more confidence, especially in social situations. But the point is, we think that society demands this from women, when society doesn’t really care if women wear make-up or not. After all, it’s not really fair that women get to wear make-up but men don’t. 🙂

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