I support Planned Parenthood

I support women’s rights, but I just don’t have the mental energy to keep up with the abortion fight.  Keeping up with the war against pain patients and mental health care is about all I can handle.

But you can’t escape the news about the latest “attacks” against Planned Parenthood.

The link is to a graphic that shows connections between all the political and religious groups advocating against women’s (not men’s) reproductive rights.  It so reminds me of trying to figure out who is funding each anti-drug “expert” or group.  And you won’t be surprised to learn of all the religious groups that are funding the war against pain patients and drugs, or their connections to politicians, both in state and federal government.  And their connections to Big Pharma, law enforcement, and agencies like the DEA and FDA, along with very supportive, powerful and rich donors, like Sheldon Adelson.

Sometimes it seems like Republicans haven’t arrived in the internet age yet, where information is freely accessible online.  You can name your group “The Center for Medical Progress” and expect a few people to be misled by the generic (and anonymous) name, or too lazy to search for the intent of the group. But that you expect most people and the media to be fooled — and be so blatant about how dumb you think we are — makes me question the weak strategy behind such groups.

You can name your group “Physicians For Responsible Opioid Prescribing” and expect a few people to be fooled, but keep in mind that the addiction and pain management industries are really fooling no one. And no one is fooled by being unable to completely see into the dark corners of political machinations, where religious groups like to hide.

I suggest that religious groups come out of the closet.  Just like gay people who couldn’t and shouldn’t have to pretend to be heterosexual, religious groups should stop pretending and hiding behind generic labels, funding “anti” groups of every stripe and flavor — from the war against drugs to fighting against the rights of women, voters, immigrants, pain patients, the disabled, and poor people.

Just like pain patients who should have access to every available treatment option, women who require reproductive health care should have access to every service.  And that’s why I support Planned Parenthood.


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