Unum denies Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia claims


Claimants have been contacting me to report Unum’s denials of CFS and FMS claims. It’s the same old Unum story of not wanting to pay for “self-reported” impairments by denying claims outright, or limiting benefits to 24 months. I refer claimants to their policies to check out actual “self-reported” language or exclusions policies might have specifically for CFS and FMS.

Ten years ago FMS patients were treated with morphine pumps. At the same time Unum’s “Fibromyalgia White Paper” suggests that if FMS patients would only “get up on a treadmill” all would be well and healed. In the meantime, Unum’s UK physicians are engaging in research to eliminate CFS and ME from Britain’s welfare program where claims also remained unpaid.

In America, the American Psychological Association published the new DSM-5 describing both CFS and FMS as “somatic” mental illnesses that are all “in one’s head.” Clearly, the insurance industry has established a prejudicial view challenging CFS and FMS as credible causes of disability. The industry won’t pay, and that’s not likely to change.

Recently Web MD published several articles referenced on this blog giving credibility to CFS as a physical disease. Nevertheless, Unum and several other insurers are refusing to pay long-term (if at all) for CFS and FMS…

One thought on “Unum denies Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia claims

  1. Proof again that the biopsychosocial darwinism model is designed to serve industry interests. The wonderful thing about the “science” of psychiatry is you can pretty much make up anything and with enough clever sophistry to back it up you can create “reality” out of nothing. Mind over matter really works, folks. Fibromyalgia arises out of a repressed desire to sleep with your mother and kill your father just like Oedipus. He clearly had a somatoform disorder. I got a study I paid some Pharma whore and his university to write that proves it. Too bad there were no treadmills in ancient Greece but fortunately they did have footpaths for those trained to use them.

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