Marijuana use is on the rise for teenagers

The researchers collected data from surveys that were given to high school seniors over a 37-year period, from 1976 to 2013. Over 600,000 students were questioned about their use of alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana. The study used data that was originally collected by the University of Michigan for their own long-term study.

The statistical findings showed that, as of 2013, nearly 19 percent of white teens smoked cigarettes and 22 percent used marijuana. These numbers shift slightly for black teens, where only 10 percent smoke cigarettes but nearly 25 percent used marijuana. The researchers also found that teens were more likely to use marijuana if they smoked or drank excessively, and vice versa.

When compared to alcohol, though, cigarettes and marijuana still lag behind in teen use. Although these numbers have decreased since the 1970s, alcohol consumption is still more widespread amongst white teens than cigarette or marijuana use. But if abuse trends continue in this manner, then marijuana will likely begin to challenge alcohol consumption as the number one substance that teens abuse…

Results:  Past-month marijuana use rates peaked in the 1970s, declined through 1990, then rose again to reach levels of use of more than 20% for both black and white participants. Recent years show increasing disparities across groups such that males, and in particular black youth, are on a trajectory toward higher use. This rise in marijuana use is particularly concerning among black youth, with rates far exceeding those for cigarette use and HED. The association of marijuana use with both cigarette use and HED is particularly high in recent years among black adolescents.

Conclusions:  Substance use recently declined among high school seniors, except for marijuana use, particularly among black youth. The increasing association between marijuana and other substances among black adolescents suggests future amplification in critical health disparities…

(2/6/2015) Tracking Adolescents With Global Positioning System-Enabled Cell Phones to Study Contextual Exposures and Alcohol and Marijuana Use: A Pilot Study

Results:  Adolescent activity spaces intersected 24.3 census tracts and contained nine times more alcohol outlets than that of residential census tracts. Outlet exposure in activity spaces was related to drinking. Low-socioeconomic status exposure was related to marijuana use.

Is this study trying to say that alcohol outlets are only found in middle class neighborhoods?

Every 38 seconds someone attempts to commit suicide. It is also the third-leading cause of death among the ages of 15 to 24 and, in light of the recent suicides due to cyber bullying, many are finally taking notice of this tragedy.

However, there seems to be a racial gap between those who commit suicide and those who don’t. According to the 2006 U.S. Census, the most recent data available, the suicide rate for whites has leveled off since the 1990s, but the rate at which the white population commits suicide is still almost twice as much as most minority groups….

However while African America suicide rates are half that of whites, one minority group stands apart from the rest; the Native American population has taken a different trend…

One thought on “Marijuana use is on the rise for teenagers

  1. I have a feeling these surveys are being answered more honestly now that marijuana is more legal and acceptable – that would certainly account for the increase in numbers.

    Surveys are notoriously unreliable because people are often motivated by fear to be less than truthful.

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