Voices from the past show it’s just getting worse


Jacks • a year ago
I have been on 30mg oxycodone 5x a day. Have been prescribed this for 6 yrs. I have 2small children, I stay home with them. They are my job. A lot of physical demands on my body. My doctor got his license taken away for righting controlled substances (2many and shady shit with his receptionist he wasn’t aware of) I am starting to feel serious withdraws. How do I deal with this pain? I agree with Ms.Johnson. I’m a good girl who takes my meds to function not to get high. Any suggestions. Tried a pain management office just to basically get a script or suggestions. Right away I felt this dr. Was sizing me up without listening to me. I’m in pain. Very irritable nasty with my kids who don’t deserve it. What do I do? Can’t cry about this anymore. Try emergency room? Please any suggestions would help. It helps to see other people going through this also.

Indiana bricklayer • 2 years ago
I just want to cry!! Had ankle surgery 2 months ago,I’m still in crazy pain..my dr. Is blaming me saying I’m hooked on the pills. That I don’t understand pain…im 42..6 kids own a masonry company and feeling like I’ve done something wrong

clarasanta Indiana bricklayer • 2 years ago
I feel for you bricklayer, I too am in pain from hard working for 40 odd years. Sometimes, and I told this to my doctor the other day, I don’t know who the doctor is her or the FDA. The FDA spooks the medical society very easily and they react not in the patients favor. My doctor was put off by my inquiry of whoom is the doctor but I am tired of almost begging my doctor and the pharmacy for what helps me say play golf. Am I not allowed to play golf because some FDA thug hasn’t figured out that I prefer the pot high for that and oxycodone for my chronic pain and my desire to play a round of golf. Despicable is all I can say and I hope in the future that if my doctor declares me too dizzy to take my oxycodone that the streets are allowed to carry the pain killer that works for me. Doctor/FDA please let me finish my life without the GD pain this is not the time for preaching the morals thing.

Linda • 2 years ago
Here is a balanced perspective, I hope, from someone who knows. My elderly mother was a chronic pain patient for fifteen years. She took oxycontin, She got up to 30 mg twice a day and doctors would allow nothing higher. The time came when she needed oxycontin to feel normal. If she went off it, pain from neuropathy and severe spinal arthritis would return, plus she would feel awful just like someone in drug withdrawal would. When she went to assisted living there were real problems with several nurses who liked to “hold doses” because “your mother seemed a little unsteady on her feet” (she had an inner ear problem). Oxycontin did not make Mom dizzy, it made her feel normal, but many nurses did not understand this and caused terrible suffering for her. The drug did not make her high at all, she was acclimated to it, she felt normal when she took it. When the time came for Mom to die, there was a bad problem. The levels of morphine she was allowed did not help her enough because she was acclimated to narcotics. She was uncomfortable at the time of her death. (In our case we could have gotten permission to try another increase the dose but she passed away before we could. In other cases, they will not allow a high enough dose because what the person needs to stop feeling pain would be fatal, and doctors will not write prescriptions that cause death in most states.) I am grateful my mothers’ pain and discomfort did not go on too long since she also had very bad pneumonia which took her quickly. It could have potentially gone on for weeks or months or years if it had been some other problem increasing her level of pain. So my advise is this: Some people need oxycontin and their doctor can determine that and determine the dose. They should not feel guilty, and should go ahead and take it as their doctor prescribes, perhaps after getting a second opinion to confirm need for it.. But it is potentially tragic if they need it, because they risk pain that nothing can alleviate at the end of their life due both to nurses who “hold doses” and to hospice levels of morphine that are not enough to help them.

erin Linda • a year ago
Omg. I just read your story, I’m so sorry for your loss. In my experience the doctor s may be afraid of higher doses but they should have and can give large doses to a opiate tolerate person, it wont kill them, but i get what ypur saying. Your story reminded me of the same thing my sister went thru when her husband just died of lung cancer they actually stopped his morphine. I couldn’t bare to watch. . I hope your doing ok. God bless

DaveKurtz • 2 years ago
I was prescribed percocet for a dislocated shoulder about 5 years ago. The percocet helped, but the addiction grew. I went from 5mg. to 7.5mg to 10mg and then oxycodone 10mg pink. Throughout the habit forming to physical addiction process, I became so dependent that I did not feel normal without oxycodone. It got to the point that if I didn’t take them, I felt weak, lethargic, tired, and no energy no matter how much I slept.
I automatically went through withdrawal symptoms several times when my body just couldn’t take it anymore, The last time, I was bedridden for 2-3 days, muscle aches, spasms, leg kicking, and the most terrible feeling like the flu x10.
I have been clean now for 4+ months, however, I just tested positive for Lyme disease and I knew back when there was something not right with me. So now, I have moderate joint and muscle pain associated with Lyme, and I really don’t want to take any narcotics, because I know if I do, that will be the end of me.

Gwen • 2 years ago

[…] Just an FYI. Pharmacies are allotted a small quantity of Oxycodone per month. If you call to inquire if they have it in stock, they will tell you that they don’t or will tell you that they are not allowed to tell you. If you send a friend to a pharmacy to have your RX filled, they won’t fill it. (I know, as I had my hired helper go to seven pharmacies with each disallowing him from getting my script filled. It took my having to go into a pharmacy, (having my hospital tag still on my wrist and a gauze bandage on my hand and with my looking as sick as I felt) for the pharmacist to fill the script. I have been told that the best way to get Oxycodone filled is for you to go, in person, to a pharmacy. The ER doctor told me that if a pharmacist doesn’t like how you look, (i.e., seeing tattoos), they will tell you that they can’t fill the script.

rantrightdave Paddy • 2 years ago
I agree with you, and understand that these meds are what allow me to function. However, I too hate the dependency and the sickness of withdrawal. When I stop, I also hate the terrible pain that crushes my skull and face like “freeze brain” that’s all over and doesn’t subside. And I hate looking back at 30 years of visiting (and waiting for) every type of doctor and specialist and test imaginable.
When not using Percoset, only a needle with Torodol brings relief, but those 3AM trips to the emergency room get expensive. There was a brief period where a nasal spray non narcotic Torodol called Sprix worked, but it was taken off the market a year or two ago without comment.
The cycle of starting and stopping accounts for more than half of all suicides. Sucks either way.

Critclimbs • 3 years ago

[…] I feel that stigma every time I take a pill, and I take pills less often for that reason alone. I am in pain because of the stigma that comes with every pill…

3 thoughts on “Voices from the past show it’s just getting worse

  1. Step number one is get rid of this attitude: “I’m a good girl who takes my meds to function not to get high.” Of course she is and I can understand why she feels the need to say that, but so is the girl who takes it to deal with psychological pain. The only thing that makes her “bad” is a bunch of warped and irrational laws designed to boost the price of drugs. We need to stop internalizing the misanthropic and insane mindset of the drug war.

    This is your nation on prohibition. Any questions?

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  2. They need to just legalize weed in every state already. Weed is much healthier than pills. Pills ruin your organs and they’re extremely addictive. They can kill you too! I was taking Vicodin like candy a few years back. It took a lot of self-control to get off of them. It was one of the hardest things in my life to quit taking them. My ob prescribed them for bad cramps and they were like $2 for 30 of them with insurance.

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