Suicidal Thoughts aren’t About Death

I staunchly state that my suicidal thoughts are not about death, they are about not being able to cope with the things that are happening in my life, so I want that life to stop. I believe that it’s demeaning to essentially say that someone who is suicidal can’t cope so they decided to die.

A person who is suicidal can’t cope, so they decided to stop trying to cope.

If we change the way that we view suicide, we can change how suicidal people are treated by professionals and their family…

Need help? United States:  1 (800) 273-8255 FREE
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website:

13 thoughts on “Suicidal Thoughts aren’t About Death

  1. It seems pretty straightforward to me: Death is just the means to the end, which is stop suffering.

    If pain (of whatever kind) becomes so pervasive and so consistent and so untreatable that a person can no longer hope to experience any compensating joy in life, it makes sense to opt out, to get off he merry-go-round, to quit the game.

    If someone knows how to do that without involving death, please let me know 🙂

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    • Joy and happiness are such transient things. Instead of looking for any joy that’s left in our lives, maybe we should just be looking for a little balance instead.

      Read this earlier today and thought of you:

      “Acceptance is such a strange thing, isn’t it? It can be positive – you accept a gift, get accepted into a club, accept an award, or it can become something you feel forced to do, such as compliance or acquiescence…”

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      • Balance would be great, but when there’s constantly increasing weight on the negative side there have to be some positives to match. So balance doesn’t work for me – I have to find some other way of making living worthwhile. If I didn’t think/hope that was possible…

        Lookin’ for a change – and that, at least, is guaranteed to happen, one way or another 🙂

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        • Blogging is a positive thing. So are your dog and your friends (probably not in that order). Now you just need to find one or two other positive things… Maybe a luscious chocolate dessert. Skinny dipping or belly dancing could be good. Some kind of art with a lot of color, like creating a huge bud leaf out of Legos. Or how about calligraphy? You could even study the art of handwriting or create your own font. 🙂

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      • Re “stop whining and find something to do” – I agree!

        My research and blogging is what’s kept me going so far. People’s responses after my crash really encouraged me.

        I also comb and walk the dog every day and clean house enough to keep it bearable. A few friends seem to find talking to me helpful, so I still answer the phone 🙂

        Marijuana has turned against me since I bonked my head. Now I just get more anxious with even the smallest dose – that’s a terrible loss too. No more mental pain relief 😦

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