Fibro Mystery No Cure With Legalized Drugs but Marijuana Still Proves Effective

For most of those who suffer, however, medically manageable is not all that it seems. Many with Fibromyalgia take enough pills to feel like addicts, but with very little result, if any. Only three drugs are approved to help the symptoms of Fibro, and they certainly help pharmaceutical companies bring in the big bucks, but they do not seem to help those taking the drugs. Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella are among the most recommended, but most patients do not see a difference for the better. In fact, research shows that 61 percent of 1,300 people said that the three drugs had no effect at all, while only 10 percent said that it was effective. Many of those surveyed even said that they feel worse on medications, with more symptoms spawning from the pills than from the disease…

Morgan Freeman, a sufferer of Fibromyalgia since his car accident, told the world that he was all for legalization of marijuana “across the board.” Freeman stated that he has found that weed is the only thing that helps his Fibro and that he takes it in any form that he can, whether it be smoking, eating, or drinking it…

7 thoughts on “Fibro Mystery No Cure With Legalized Drugs but Marijuana Still Proves Effective

  1. Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella do nothing for my Fibromyalgia at all – they make me feel worse. Lyrica makes me dingy and stupid – I can’t think clearly, work, talk or drive even on low doses of Lyrica. Savella even in low doses makes me angry and full of rage. Cymbalta makes me nauseous and sick. They all make me feel more out of it and doped up than any opiate ever does. I still get them offered to me pretty constantly. There is never ever a mention of side effects.

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    • I guess doctors expect their patients to read all the fine print on the inserts and warning labels. Still, the list of side effects is so long and general that they could apply to almost anything, and no one completely understands them anyway. The main problem is that no one understands how antidepressants really work — and what goes wrong when they don’t.


  2. Exactly. I’ve tried every antidepressant too – you name it – and I’m actually not depressed, I just have pain, so of course they have all been prescribed to me. Heck, they were prescribed to me well before I got sick, for anything from stomach issues to anxiety. Doctors have been pushing those on me for 20 years.

    Antidepressants actually scare me – because doctors don’t know how they work, they prescribe them for everyone (especially where I live), for seemingly just about any illness, and all they ever do is give me side effects, make me unable to think, give me extreme nausea, etc. I have had some extra fun side effects like my stomach shutting down, my eyes swelling up, rashes, increased pain. I’ve had all of that. I feel they are dirty drugs.

    For those they work for, I apologize for my utter hatred of antidepressants – I do understand for some people they are a real help and even a Godsend. I also know that for some the nerve pain meds and fibro meds help.

    But for me, I am more dangerous taking those than if I took opiate pain meds. Opiates reduce my pain and help me to think clearly and to work, drive, etc. – maybe thats because I don’t abuse them, I take enough for my pain and that is it. But with antidepressants and other meds that are supposed to treat fibromyalgia, my vision is messed up, I’m dizzy, sick, disoriented and just plain stupid – people at work most definitely would think I was high and/or just an idiot, if I were to take Lyrica. I can’t think on it at all. Even very low doses mess me up. Lyrica is why I drove my car into a median/island thing in the middle of an empty parking lot. Great stuff, that.

    What also terrifies me about these medications is that the withdrawal from them seems to be for many people, as tough as opiate withdrawal. I mean, tapering for months? Brain zaps? WTF is a brain zap? I don’t want to find out, I have enough problems.

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    • I took a lot of different antidepressants in the past, back in the 80s when that’s all doctors would prescribe for chronic pain. And to my knowledge, I’ve never experienced a brain zap. Sounds like getting hit by lightening — which sounds a little interesting, you know, if I thought my brain could be reprogrammed by lightening. 🙂

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  3. I forgot to mention one thing regarding anti-depressants. I’ve tried a lot of natural supplements lately – and the one that has surprised me the most is 5-HTP. It’s a natural way of increasing your serotonin, at least that’s the basic gist of it.

    I don’t use it all the time, but at times it will pull me out of a fibro flare, which is pretty fantastic. I never anticipated it doing much of anything so that is quite surprising. I keep it around for that reason.

    I’ve also read that for people who can’t tolerate rx anti-depressants, they may do well with 5-htp. It’s worth some research for sure.

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