Urine drug screen revenue up 19,164% in CA worker’s comp cases in 8 years


June 1, 2012 by the pathology blawg

I have posted before about the urine drug screen industry and how lucrative it is…as well as how ripe it is for abuse and fraud (Calloway Lab’s $20 million settlement for Medicaid fraud, Kickbacks and other abuses, Ameritox’s $16.3 million settlement with the DOJ for kickback allegations, Ameritox’s suit against Millennium Laboratories for alleged kickbacks, etc)…

Doctors perform on-site drug screens of dubious accuracy that costs them a few dollars, and then turn around and charge insurance companies and employers hundreds of dollars. And from where can they get these handy-dandy on-site drug testing kits? From the same large drug testing companies that will later perform confirmatory testing on the same sample, and bill another $1,000-2,000…


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