I hate the new WordPress Reader

There are certain blogs where the like button doesn’t show up in the comment section, but I finally figured out how to like comments for these blogs through the Reader.  With the recent “update,” that option has disappeared once again.  So, if I have suddenly stopped liking comments on your blog, this is why.

Also, I made on comment on the post about the new Reader regarding the miniature size of the avatars for each post.  I’m a visual person and I need that cue as a quick way to know who’s post I’m reading.

I now receive new posts in my email for the blogs that I follow, which is better than dealing with the new Reader.

I don’t understand why people try to fix things that aren’t broken.  Are you listening, WordPress?

16 thoughts on “I hate the new WordPress Reader

  1. It all started, when WordPress displayed that rainbow flag on the reader dashboard. It’s been downhill, from there, and highly doubtful if things will ever return to normal at WordPress.

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    • Actually, I miss the rainbow. Would you prefer that WordPress put a photo of a gun in the header? And it took me about one second of seeing your blog to know that we have absolutely nothing in common. I’m not sure why you’ve commented on my blog, but I hope you don’t do it again. Have a nice day.

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        • I did not look, I found your post in the Wp reader section. The difficulties with the new format has affected us all.
          It has been nice conversing with you. Take Care.
          PS: No offense intended with my remarks.


        • No offense intended with your remarks? Let’s break that down, shall we? First, you compare the short-lived rainbow header to the change in format for the Reader, which are two different things. Second, you say WordPress has gone downhill since they decided to support and celebrate gay rights with the rainbow flag. Obviously, your remarks were intended to offend and you know it.

          Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and I wasn’t offended by your remarks. No, I wasn’t really offended until I spent one second visiting your blog. It’s funny how men think they have a right to tell woman what to do with their own bodies. Maybe one day, when we have a woman president, she’ll return the sentiment and try to tell men how to take care of their bodies. Then you might find out how that feels.


        • The way you keep coming back, I honestly believe that you are mental defective, and probably a presciption pain killer junkie.


        • The more you say, the more you reveal yourself to be ignorant. Just couldn’t help yourself, could you? Had to prove that you’re an asshole. Thanks for showing the true character of those advocating against women’s and gay rights.


        • What’s wrong with you? Why are you being so hateful? You know, if you had read any of my blog, you would know that I no longer take opioids. So your attempt to be hurtful has missed its mark.

          What you’re really doing is making a fool of yourself by trying to guess what kind of name-calling would put me in my place. What slur would make me feel bad about myself. It’s what bullies do. Little did you know that nothing you could say would ever bother me. Or maybe you do know that and you’re just having fun being a bully.

          I’m allowing these comments to go on (when I could delete them all), because I want other people to see what bullying looks like. How some people use stigma and shame to form their opinions because of ignorance and fear.

          But I’m gonna help you out, because… I’m just that nice. You don’t have to read any of my blog, because I’m gonna tell you straight out: I’m not a pillhead, I’m a pothead. Unfortunately, I’m a poor pothead who can’t afford consistent access to my medicine of choice.

          Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should go back to pills. They’re cheaper and covered by insurance. And being a pillhead wasn’t so bad. I know that I’d rather choose relief than choose to suffer. (In case you didn’t know, suffering is bad for your brain.)

          Now, hasn’t this been fun, getting to know each other? Educational, too. Thanks so much for stopping by, but if you choose to never visit again, I’ll be okay with that.

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