Drug Free America Funds Sheriffs’ Challenge to Colorado Law


Out-of-state participation and political connections are nothing new in the legalization struggle, but DFA has a particularly swampy past. The organization was founded by Mel Sembler, a Florida shopping center developer. He and his wife are long time Republican fundraisers… Former Gov. Jeb Bush and his wife Columba have served on DFA’s Advisory Board.

DFA and the Florida Sheriff’s Association, with backing from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, worked to defeat Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana in Florida in 2014.

DFA is also closely linked to Straight, Inc., a coercive drug rehabilitation program that was successfully sued for falsely imprisoning, assaulting and denying medical care to adolescents at its treatment facilities during the 1980s…


Drug Free America Foundation Inc.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Contributions:  $896,324

Percent of Total Revenue:  95.8%

Other salaries and wages:  $469,873

Percent of Total Expenses:  56.8%


Straight Inc., Philadelphia, PA

4 thoughts on “Drug Free America Funds Sheriffs’ Challenge to Colorado Law

  1. our sheriff here in maricopa county is known as the nation’s toughest on drugs, on illegals, gays, and has even created a ‘tent city’ on jail grounds, on the notion that these people committed crimes and so they don’t have the right to an indoor incarceration. that’s right, they put up a a large canopy and put bunk beds under it, and this is where certain inmates ‘live and sleep’ while carrying out their sentence. they are also required to wear pink scrubs (these inmates are men). these people stay in the ‘tent city’ all year. true, AZ does not have much of a winter, but it is still pretty cold to sleep outside when it is below 40.

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      • yep and he has been in office for like at least 4 elections. he is in his late 70’s i think, maybe older. in 2008 a large number of individuals opposing his reelection actually hung him in effigy. but he still got elected. he is also very cruel to legal immigrants the same as illegals. he got a law passed saying that cops can stop any car any where any time without probable cause to check for green cards/documents verifying the right for you to be in the country. we would call this profiling, but, since he made it so Anyone can get stopped for no reason at all, it was ok. Arpaio is a dangerous ass. he demeans people’s humanity, worth and value.

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