Casper the Ghost

Wed, Jul 15, 2015 7:04 am

Re: Casper the Ghost

Dr. Katzman:

You know, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being ignored. It’s a little like being invisible. Or maybe it’s like screaming in the middle of a forest — no one’s listening, and anyway, no one can hear you. Have you ever felt like Casper the Ghost, Dr. Katzman?

Being disabled by constant pain, there’s not much benefit I can offer — to anyone — stuck as I am in this prison. And yet, I thought if I could help other pain patients, then my life wouldn’t be totally useless.

Help me to understand your choice of ignoring my email (below). Because your silence just says to me that I’m not important enough for a response — and I just thought you should know how that feels.

Johnna Stahl

7 thoughts on “Casper the Ghost

  1. I have encountered this too many times now. Dr. Lucinda Bateman has given me a half-hearted reply only after I reminded her that she hadn’t replied…and she only gave a short, neutral, canned reply that didn’t answer my question anyway. Another prominent pain doctor has not replied as well. I am zero, I am nothing, I have become not human to even the doctors ‘fighting’ for our cause, those who are pain advocates, or doctors who supposedly care.

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    • It’s funny how all of the reviews for Dr. Bateman that I’ve found are so positive. If I suffered from CFS and lived in Utah, I would probably choose her for a doctor. Just like I found one of my previous pain doctors, because he was very active in fighting for patient rights. The problem was that all this work left him too busy to concentrate on his patients. And then he became more interested in trying to make money from his advocacy work.


      • The problem is that you can’t choose Lucinda Bateman for your care; she is not taking new patients. She has not taken new patients in the 10 years I have lived in Utah and have had this diagnosis. As you pointed out, these doctors become so busy advocating that they no longer have time to take on new patients. My email was an obvious plea for help….but how many people can you help before they all sound like the same person asking the same question with the same basic story? I can’t say what I would do under that much pressure and demand on my time. Still, it gave me the same feeling – the feeling of – nobody cares…and those who do care are exhausted.

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