When you click on a specific post, the featured image for that post gets distorted. To see the photo without this distortion, you can click on a specific day on my calendar widget, or you can click on the specific category, like “Art and Awe Therapy.”  Also, if you have the title of a post, you can use the search widget to find it, and that will bring it up without the distortion too.

If you are viewing this post through the WordPress Reader, the featured image should be fine. If you’re getting this post by email, I am assuming that the photo is also not distorted.

So, if you want to see what this meme says, you’ll have to choose one of the options above.

Yes, it might be easier if I could find and choose another theme for my blog that doesn’t include this little bug, but the idea of trying to do that just makes my head hurt.  Sorry.

5 thoughts on “Viewing photos on my blog

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