USAA email scam

Re:  Upgrade Now
From:  USAA

Move this message to inbox if found in spam, to ensure safe delivery.

Dear Customer,

We haven’t heard from you regarding our security mandatory update. Your session would not be verified for your account consistency.Update your account now

How do I accept this verification?
Click Verify now below to update. please kindly update now,

Thank you,

USAA Savings Bank.

*Other fees include: (1) Cash advance/balance transfer fee: 3% or $75 (whichever is less); (2) Foreign Transaction Fee: 1% of transaction amount.

Please do not reply to this e-mail. To send a secure message to USAA, please contact us.
Privacy Promise

USAA Savings Bank, P.O. Box 14050, Las Vegas, Nevada 89114-4050

Re:  Does USAA know about this email scam?

I thought USAA might be interested in seeing this email scam that involves its name and logo.

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