Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk

(NaturalNews) Woven into the fabric of the human body is an intricate system of proteins known as cannabinoid receptors that are specifically designed to process cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary active components of marijuana. And it turns out, based on the findings of several major scientific studies, that human breast milk naturally contains many of the same cannabinoids found in marijuana, which are actually extremely vital for proper human development.

Cell membranes in the body are naturally equipped with these cannabinoid receptors which, when activated by cannabinoids and various other nutritive substances, protect cells against viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other malignancies. And human breast milk is an abundant source of endocannabinoids…

One thought on “Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk

  1. Well, this must certainly be dealt with!

    The DEA can’t just let moms get their babies addicted to this dangerous drug. They should be conducting “breast raids” to keep those poor babies safe from a certain life-long struggle with addiction.

    Then again, consistency isn’t one of the DEA’s strong points and I have a feeling they’re going to let this one slide. Maybe we should start an email campaign insisting they apply their policies equally to all sources of this “dangerous drug” – why should breast milk be exempt?

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