Alleged shortages in pain meds

Michael Kaslof
Yesterday at 5:43pm
I believe that I have a sympathetic pharmacist and he has flat out told me that he may not be able to fill my RX’s in the coming months. As with many out there, I have been on pain meds for many years and have been with the same Dr and pharmacy. Last month, I had to settle for a half the normal monthly dose due to supposed shortage. It Was a really bad month. I now have to make a decision whether to take my chances every month or go to rehab and live with the daily excruciating pain. The government has even started having my Dr piss test me 5 to 6 times per year. The last time I was randomly tested was years ago. I don’t really care except that the Dr bills my insurance company $4000+ for a $40 test. The system needs to be fixed. I feel for everyone out there who has to deal with pain and cannot get any relief.

5 thoughts on “Alleged shortages in pain meds

  1. Shortages are a regular problem with many meds, probably due to market manipulation by Big Pharma designed to jack up prices. Pills are not like perishable items that can’t be stored to meet fluctuations in demand. Any pharma company can easily stockpile masses of pills that can be released as needed to meet changing demand, if they had any interest in doing so. Unfortunately, it is not in their interest to do so when shortages drive up prices to the point it is more profitable to sell less pills for more money than more pills for less money.

    Rinse and repeat for every product in the capitalist system for which there are few alternatives and people are forced to pay whatever the market will bear.

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  2. All these stories of impending doom for pain patients must be making all of us want to quit on our own before we’re forced to. I sure wish I could, but that would mean a miserable life on the couch.

    Then again, that wouldn’t be a long life because I’d rather blow my brains out right at the pharmacy to make my final point. Damn, it’s getting moe and more tempting to end my constant dread and fear over this.

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    • I have to admit, it’s great to no longer have the constant fear of being able to obtain prescription medications every month. But I don’t think it’s better to now have the increased pain and the inability to manage it, along with the fear that one day, my pain levels will just be too much for me to handle. Plus, the prescription medications had the effect of keeping my pain levels somewhat stable, while being without has allowed them to keep increasing. All in all, I guess it’s a no-win situation, however you look at it.

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